Sunday, August 17, 2014

OTB : One Term Bill

In Far Rockaway, Mayor de Blasio takes a beating

The Outerborough Mayor Neglects the Outerboroughs

In Far Rockaway, the citizens are waking up to a de Blasio administration that uses the recovery efforts from Super Storm Sandy as cheap photo-ops.

"City Hall wants congratulations when Build It Back hands out a few reimbursement checks or breaks ground on building a new home. We say, it’s about time."

Mayor Bill de Blasio has denied long over-due infrastructure improvements to Far Rockaway -- everything from improved transportation, including a ferry, reconstruction aid after Sandy, economic development planning, and improvements to parks.

The citizens are getting restless, and if the mayor fails to deliver on reforms and improvements, then the citizens are already talking about Mayor de Blasio being a one-term mayor.


EDITORIAL: Rockaway Might Need an OTB -- A One Term Bill de Blasio (The Rockaway Times)

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